Orchestral music is thriving in a rock’n’roll city
The 21st century has seen—and heard—a revival of the Cleveland Orchestra’s glory

“Yet the 21st century has seen—and heard—a revival of the orchestra’s glory. Both financially and artistically, the outfit is stronger than ever. Much of its success can be credited to the latest music director, Franz Welser-Möst.”
The Economist

The full article appeared in the Books and arts section of the print edition under the headline “Steel and strings”, February 28, 2019 (online) | March 2-9, 2019 (print)


„The harmony of the world and the cosmos is sound, and we are part of it“

At the Attersee

Great art neither concerns itself with the fashionable nor desires to be „up to date“. Instead, it embraces the „philosophical now“, so in reality it is timeless
Franz Welser-Möst

The Cleveland Orchestra, perhaps the finest in America, has had its music director, Franz Welser-Möst, for nearly 20 years now. He’s plainly guided its style and artistic choices, and yet it has stubbornly, inspiringly declined to be defined by him. This orchestra and conductor seem truly like colleagues. – The New York Times


Gedanken zur Europäischen Kultur


In der Begründung der Jury für den mir verliehenen Preis heißt es unter anderem, dass ich ihn „als Botschafter europäischer Kultur in Amerika“ erhalte. Dies löst bei mir Fragen aus, welche Kultur das ist, oder noch ist, und wohin sie sich entwickelt. Es führt mich auch auf die Überlegung zurück, welche Auswirkung, ja grundlegende Bedeutung musikalisches Schaffen für uns Ausführende wie auch für die Öffentlichkeit hat.

Gedanken zur Europäischen Kultur

Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit
Gurnemanz, Parsifal

„Music begins precisely where the word fails“